Discography – Foundations


The debut Royal Foundlings album was recorded entirely at Dave’s house and mixed at Neil’s home studio! The album only features Dave, Mirek and Neil on all of the tracks. There are two versions of the album cover – one with the band’s original line up and one with Andrew and Steve. The album is now out of print and only available on digital download sites such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 

In April 2012, the band entered the studio to re-record the entire album. This will be released as “Foundations Redux”. A recording of “We Are All Foundlings” from these sessions, has been released on the “Rise Up EP”. 


Released 20 September 2010
Written by Dave Brackenridge & Mirek Hodun.
Produced by Mirek Hodun & Neil MacDougall.
Recorded and mixed at RF Studios by Mirek Hodun & Neil MacDougall.

Royal Foundlings are:
Dave Brackenridge: Vocals & Guitars
Mirek Hodun: Keyboards, additional Guitars and backing vocals
Neil MacDougall: Drums and backing vocals
Andrew Gunning: Guitars
Steven Adamson: Bass

“We Believe” recorded in collaboration with MPFree.
Additional backing vocals by Sharon Middleton and Helena Brackenridge.

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