Miroslaw Hodun

130211_ Royal Foundlings #15MIREK HODUN
Production Manager

Founding member and former keys player Mirek now manages all the production of Royal Foundlings and remains co songwriter along side Dave for new songs. Mirek has a CV that would embarrass the best of us so this is the watered down version.  Mirek started off in a specialist Music School in Poland where he majored in piano and accordion but also learned about composing, arranging, recording etc.  In 1996 he composed the title track for TV series before getting involved with various well known artists in Poland.

His greatest success came with the band known as Sixteen.  Signed to Emi and Universal, Sixteen achieved Platinum albums, various number 1 hits and represented Poland in the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest.  He also enjoyed success with Seventeen until 2000 when the band split.

Christian wise Mirek has played and composed with Hip Pop bands Elohim and Evident for 6 years and during this time was the Musical Director of the worship team at the Storehouse Church In Warsaw.

Throughout his career Mirek has worked as a producer and sound engineer in some of the biggest and best Music studios in Poland and produced for many well know artists.  He now produces the bulk of the music for Royal Foundlings, and we are very happy to have him.