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We exist for one reason:  to encourage people to walk with God.  We do this mainly by putting on a seriously energetic rock concert with a very clear message about what we believe.  During every set we will take some time to preach the gospel.  How long we speak for depends on the time available. We normally speak for around 5 to 10 minutes during our set.

Dave has experience in preaching and communicating.  He uses this experience to meet people where they are and invite them into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Due to the age range of the band, we can meet with people wherever they are at, and can relate to them in many ways.

For an idea of the kind of thing that Dave may say during a concert, please look at the video below.  This was recorded by a fan on a mobile phone at an acoustic cafe evening and posted online.  Several people turned to God this night and we are thankful to God for allowing us to lead people to him every time we play.