“Live & Unplugged” Digital Download available now!! Stream it here!!


The digital download of “LIVE & UNPLUGGED” is now available in the official Royal Foundlings Store! We’re keeping the price at £5 until Monday morning so grab yourselves a bargain! We’ve included a special bonus track, that’s only available through our online store!

For those of you that stand by their iTunes accounts and wont download digital files anywhere else, the album will be on iTunes, Spotify, amazon Mp3 and loads of other digital download stores in the next few weeks!!

We’ll begin shipping out the CD and DVD copies of the album at the end of August! Keep your eyes peeled on the ol’ postbox!!

In the mean time, you can listen to the album here:

All the best,


“Live & Unplugged” Pre-Order Updates!!


Calling All Foundlings Fans! 

We’re currently fine tuning the audio mix for our next release, “LIVE & UNPLUGGED“, which some of you may already be aware, is an acoustic live album that we recorded back in May with STEPH MACLEOD & NIKKI HOPKINS. The mixes are sounding great and we’ve just got a few more songs to finish off before it’s ready for release! We hope to have everything done by next week and begin shipping out all of those pre-orders by the end of August!

Everyone that was there on the night will recieve their download of the show (as promised) via the email addresses you provided on the night. This will be available for download via a link on our official website. The link will only be available for 7 days so don’t forget to claim your free copy!

As for the pre-orders: 

We’re still accepting pre-orders for the Digital Download, CD & DVD of the “Live & Unplugged” album via our Bandcamp store. We’re working our butts off to make sure this is a great release and offer something special for everyone that pre-orders. So with that in mind, here’s what’s included with each package:

Digital Download: For £5, you can get the full 13 track album in your choice of MP3 or high quality FLAC files. Perfect for the audiophile Foundlings fan! After the pre-order, the album price will be £7.99 (same as iTunes, Amazon MP3 etc) so grab a bargain!

CD & Digital Download: For £10, you get a copy of the album on CD, fully signed by the band as well as an instant download of the album – so there’s no need to wait patiently on the postman delivering the CD before you hear the album! The CD will be packaged in a high quality digipak sleeve and has artwork designed by our very own Steven Adamson. It looks spiffing if we do say so ourselves…

DVD & Digital Download: For £15, you get a copy of the DVD, fully signed by the band as well as a download of the album in your choice of MP3 or high quality FLAC files. The DVD is the VERY FIRST ROYAL FOUNDLINGS DVD to be released and we’ve taken every pre-caution to make sure that this DVD does in fact, rock! We tried to sort out a whole bunch of special bonus features for this DVD, but alas this was not to be (the more we added, the more we took away from the quality of the live show, so we decided that quality is better than quantity). However, the DVD will have some special bonus footage from the night that won’t be available anywhere else! …and it looks amazing! Did we mention that it looks amazing? Good!

CD/DVD & Digital Download MEGA BUNDLE: For £25, you get a copy of the CD, DVD and digital download of the album! Both the CD & DVD will be signed by the band and YOUR NAME will be included in the thank you credits on the CD & DVD artwork!! How cool is that?! We’re also working out a special bonus gift for all of those that pre-order this bundle… It’ll either be some special merchandise or a SPECIAL “Bootleg” MIX CD-R created by the band featuring UNRELEASED DEMOSand LIVE TRACKS. These tracks won’t be available anywhere else so it would be something of an exclusive… (and if we can’t sort that out, then at least you’ll have some awesome merchandise to wear proudly! See, we always have a back up plan!).

We can’t wait to get this album out and let you hear it. If you’ve pre-ordered already, we are really grateful – every penny made from these albums is going back into making sure the quality of this and future releases are top notch.

And if you haven’t  pre-ordered already… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! ;-)


All the best,

“Jehovah” video nominated for Scottish Music Awards!


We’re very pleased to announce that the video for “Jehovah” has been nominated for a few Scottish Music Awards!! The song is up for “URBAN RECORDING OF THE YEAR” and el Mafrex featuring Royal Foundlings have been nominated for “ARTIST OF THE YEAR“! Awesome!! But that’s not all – the video has even been nominated for “VIDEO OF THE YEAR“! Congrats to Keir Dawson Siewert and El Mafrex for getting three nominations!!

Voting is open to the public and you can vote for both ARTIST awards and MUSIC INDUSTRY categories at  (or by clicking on the links above!). Voting ends on the 31st July at midnight!!!

(Also, if you don’t know who else to vote for, may we also recommend SCOSHA for Best Pop Act, AL JAMES for Producer of the Year and MARIO CARIBE for Best Jazz act. You just might find a Foundling or two on stage with these acts… and in one case, one of these acts was their college lecturer!)

All the best,


It’s been very quiet on Planet Foundlings… Perhaps too quiet…


It has been very quiet on Planet Foundlings over these past weeks but that has been due to the amount of work we’re putting into these forthcoming releases that we haven’t had time to keep you all updated! It had nothing to do with us losing the login to the website… No, that had nothing to do with the lack of updates at all… ahem…

Anyway, we are very pleased to report that the “Live & Unplugged” CD and DVD release is looking and sounding amazing. We’ve just got a few little tweaks to make with the final mix and then everything should be ready to go for the final master. We should have these ready to ship by the end of August. To those of you that have already pre-ordered the CD and DVD, we can’t thank you enough for helping us put together this release. If you’d like to get a copy, you can still pre-order the CD, DVD, Digital Download or all 3 on our STORE page.

To the left of this rambling text, is in fact the cover to the DVD edition. The CD and DVD will be packaged in special digipak sleeves and all pre-orders will be fully signed by the band!

We’re also finishing off the final mixes for the “Rise Up” EP. We originally intended to have this on sale for the gig at the O2 ABC (with Leeland!) but we weren’t happy with the mixes. Originally the EP was only going to include 4 tracks but due to  the response we’ve been getting to one of our new songs (“At the Foot of the Cross”), we’re going to include the live version from the “Live & Unplugged” album on the EP as an extra track! Everyone loves extra tracks! The “Rise Up” EP is essentially a sampler of all of our forthcoming releases this year so for those of you that may not want everything, this serves as a nice taster of all of our albums. For all of you Foundlings collectors out there, I can tell you that the CD version of the “Rise Up EP” will only be available on our forthcoming tour of England in September!! There will only be 100 of these made!! A digital download version will be available on iTunes, Spotify etc for those of you who can’t get your hands on a CD.

An early draft of the "Rise Up" EP CD artwork...

We’ll have more news next week on our September tour dates. Hopefully we can post a wee video sample from the DVD for you soon. In the mean time though, we will leave you with this footage from our show at Full Throttle festival, Troon, June 2012… Thanks to Amie for sending us the footage!!

All the best,

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