This page has the thoughts of Pastors and people we have played with/for.  Under the bio tab you will see comments made by fans, media etc but this page will give you and idea of what we are like to work with and what other bands and the people who book us think of our ministry.


I know it’s not going to seem too cool for a Baptist pastor to promote a rock group. How good can they be, right? The Royal Foundlings put on a superb concert at our church! Some Switchfoot fans at the concert compared the Royal Foundlings very favorably to that band. Their songs are powerful and many of them celebratory. Lead singer Dave is a bundle of energy– reminding me of the Blues Brothers on stage! He also shares a solid gospel presentation. Their energy and sound will likely shock those who aren’t expecting high quality out of a Christian band. We want them to come back!

Pastor David Sweet, Hays Hills Baptist Church, Buda, Texas


“NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL!” Very rarely will you listen to a Christian band who can rock out as hard and loud and with as much energy as shown by Royal Foundlings! AND all of this whilst leaving the listener with no shadow of a doubt as to just how much each band member loves JESUS! A perfomance full of passion and music with driving rock riffs that make your heart thump in your chest!
If you want a Christian band who will not hide their message behind their music… BOOK THESE GUYS!

David Steel Youth worker Falkirk Baptist Church


“What can be said about Royal Foundlings? I think a more appropriate question would be, “Where do I start?”
As fellow musicians, I can’t ever say enough about the extraordinary talent contained in that band. The music is, by and large, what I can only describe as “perfectly accessible”. Edgy enough for a punk like myself, yet poppy enough for all the victims of the pop band scene, Royal Foundlings have the ability to catch the attention of anyone fortunate enough to be standing within a mile of them. The drums are pounding (and solid like a clock!) the guitars are soaring (handled by none other than one very pretty Andy Gunning!), the bass is a funk machine well-wielded, and the keyboards occasionally unleash a riff that will literally MELT. YOUR. FACE.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the character of these guys:
As fellow Christians, it is truly relieving and inspiring to see a band that walks the walk every bit as well as they talk the talk. For example, the very minute our band arrived in Glasgow to meet up with the Founglings’ boys, (which was at STUPID o’clock, by the way) they went ridiculously far out of their way to make us feel welcome, as well as guide us around the city and help us set up and tear down our equipment.
All that being said, the Royal Foundlings are a CLASS group of guys and always a pleasure to have a laugh with (even at a hospital at 4am!) If anyone has an opportunity to team up with these guys, I HIGHLY recommend them”

-Dack, MaLoKai


I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Royal Foundlings on many occassions over the last year.
Having performed on the same bill as them, while backing Steph MacLeod, and also as an event organiser. I found them to be very professional in the way they approach thier business.
The energy that lead singer Dave Brackenridge exudes on stage is a perfect example of how to perfom for any artist. To work a crowd the way he does is a special talent but he is backed with a very talanted band as well.
A pleasure to watch and a pleasure to work with from an organisational level as well.
Jonny Russell – Origin Scotland